About Me....

Born in the Philippines, Marilou came to the Netherlands in her early teens. She feels blessed with the best of both worlds: East and West. Ever since she came in contact with yoga she has developed a passion for Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama, which she applies both in her classes and her everyday life.

Besides her daily practice she continues to study regularly to deepen her knowledge and understanding of yoga philosophy, chanting and meditation etc

She feels greatly indebted to her inspiring teachers: Katiza Satya, Paul Dallaghan and Pranayama Master Sri O.P. Tiwariji, head of the Kaivalyadham Research Institute near Mumbai, India.

Marilou has been studying and travelling back and forth in the ashram of her teacher in India the last 8 years now as her yoga journey continues.
Currently participating on a 3-year Pranayama Teacher Training in Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute with Sri Sudhir Tiwari and assisting him with his Pranayama Teacher Training in Amsterdam.

With love and passion, Marilou offers a variety of yoga classes, workshops, yoga retreats and teacher teainings in the Netherlands and abroad. Her presence is fun and inspirational, allowing space for growth both on and off the mat.

Marilou sees yoga as a quest for spirituality and awareness. It not only provides a stable basis for everyday life, but a lot of fun too. She loves inspiring her students with her passion.

“Pranayama is my Spiritial practice. My daily practice gives me access to my soul and inner life. I feel one with my body, and experience a state of Bliss. It is the perfect foundation Life.”

Find the Light and Brighness within you,